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  • What is shale gas?

    There is no difference between shale gas and natural gas. This section explains what shale gas is and why it is being debated across Europe.

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  • Shale gas in the community

    Why do we need shale gas and how could communities potentially be affected by a commercial drilling operation?

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  • Shale gas and the environment

    Europe needs a secure source of energy that can facilitate the move to a sustainable future. Find out more on the role of shale gas.

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  • Shale gas in Europe

    The IEA has estimated that Europe could hold trillions of recoverable cubic metres of shale gas across several Member States.

The shale gas debate in Europe is extremely important for the future of our energy supply. It is therefore essential that the debate is balanced, informative and engaging to allow the public to come to their own conclusions on the issue.